MacOS Sierra New Features and Installation Questions Solved

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Should You Install the New MacOS Sierra Update for Your Mac?

The new Mac operating system forced its way unbeknownst onto users Macs in early fall 2016. If you have “auto update downloads” turned on, MacOS Sierra will download in the background and notify you when it’s available for install. This does NOT mean you should install it though.  Here are the new tantalizing features you can expect in MacOS Sierra as well tips and installation suggestions.

To Install or Not Install…

I suggest disregarding the MacOS Sierra update at this time.

Reason Why You May NOT want to Update:

  • Brand new operating systems are usually only 100% compatible with new hardware such as the New MacBook Pro set for release late fall of 2016.
    • Unless you have a brand new MacBook pro chances are good you should wait to update.
  • Brand New Updates make your Mac dial home to the Cloud more frequently.
    • This means if you have an older Mac it will more than likely slow after this update.
  • Programs You Have on Your Computer May become Incompatible.
    • If you have software dating back to 2013 or earlier the MacOS Sierra update could may make these programs incompatible.

The update does have some great new features but I recommend waiting a few months for Apple to work the kinks out then download the newest build.

Better Late Than Never, Siri is Finally Here…

Siri on MacOS Sierra is mostly the good old Siri you’re familiar with, sans a few curious differences.

  • Before you speak a command you need to click on the Siri symbol/picture in the menu bar or strike a programmed key.MacOS Sierra Siri
  • When Siri is initiated a similar sound waveform to IOS displaying the answers to your requests in a hovering window.
  • Siri returns answers to your requests in the same hovering You can copy and paste, drag, drop just like you would with a mouse.
  • Universal Clipboard feature for copying from one device (iPad/iPhone) and pasting it on another.
  • Questions You Can Ask Siri
    • How cold is it outside?
    • Find pictures of my dog
  • What are the scores of today’s football games?

Blazing Fast Spotlight Search

A new file system provides Spotlight Search the ability to rapidly locate files and documents. MacOS Sierra is optimized for Solid State Drives and introduces a new file system cleverly named “Apple File System” aka APFS. There’s also a new feature that optimizes your hard drive space when it runs out of room.


Photos in MacOS Sierra have a newly fined tuned matching feature that identifies individuals and objects.  The matched data is utilized to bunch pictures into smart collections and enable powerful search abilities.  “Memories” tab creates collected collections of past photos to resurface old memories, and there’s a new “Places” (collection of songs/book for inserting pictures) for displaying photos on a map.

Apple Watch Auto Unlock Feature

If you own an Apple Watch and have MacOS Sierra installed you can unlock your Mac just by coming into close proximity with it.

Minimum Mac Requirements:

  • Must be Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled
  • Mac must be 2013 or later

If you still wish to install this update you can do so directly from the link below.

Click This Link Link To Download

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