How should I choose a domain name?

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Q: What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is a unique tag that identifies you to other computers connected to the Internet. Every domain name represents a set of numbers called an IP address. So, you could type that number into your web browser’s address bar, or simply type ‘’. Either entry will take you to our website.

Your domain name acts as your calling card on the web, since you can choose a name that represents your business, your family name, or anything else that can be remembered easily and associated with you.

Q: What domain name should I use?
A: This is a great question! Many business owners think they should automatically use the business name. For some business this makes sense. If individuals will be searching for your site by business name then it is appropriate to use it.

However, if you are offering a specific product to a wide audience that does not know your business name then picking a domain name that is rich in “keywords” may be the way to go.

Q: Should I use a .com or .org?
A: There are many web address extensions that can be used. Generally .com is the most widely recognized. Also .org & .net are well recognized.

This is fairly simple. If you are a commercial organization then use .com. Businesses (especially small Mom & Pop type businesses) can also use .biz. But if you can use .com.

Q: Can Tech Operative Web Site Design services register my domain name ?
A: Yes. we can register an available domain name for $20.00/year (some of our packages come with domain name registration for the first year up to a limit of $20.00).


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