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How to SEO your Blog Post Title URL

I keep repeating one thing, follow the basics to create a search friendly blog post. First do a research of how people are searching for the content you intend to write. Having done that, give users good value for their time by writing what is not easily available. Let’s say you’re writing a blog post about “How to Succeed”. There’s plenty of stuff on self development on the net. So how can you write high value content on this subject? Research and find out what else people are searching for in self development.’s Tips: The number of keywords you use in the title must be limited to 5 to 6 words. The words must be well known to users. The first two lines of your article must have a variation of the keywords in the title.

Google offers a very good tool for finding out what the world is searching for.

  • Insights for Search. This excellent research tool from Google search engine allows you to search by region, period and category of content.

This Google tool will help you in writing a good Blog Post Title that’ll fetch you rewards of quality traffic. Find out what keywords are searched most. But your choice should not be determined by the number of searches. Rather, you should look at a niche keyword and build the article around that. For example, if you look up “digital camera”, you’ll see a lot of top keywords -canon digital camera, canon, sony digital camera, digital cameras, digital camera reviews, digital camera review, cameras, best digital camera, olympus digital camera and nikon digital camera. Don’t choose a generic keyword (like digital camera or best digital camera) which is bound to face stiff competition from camera business makers, sellers and photographers etc. Instead choose a lesser attempted keyword – use a particular model’s or maker’s name in the title – sanyo digital camera. Or even a model within Sanyo.

The order of the keywords in title also matter in SEO, although Google is intelligent enough to read all the keywords in the url. Write the title as a user would search for the topic. Example: Features of Sanyo Digital Camera, Sanyo Digital Camera Review or Cheap Sanyo Digital Camera, depending on what your blog post is dealing with.’s Tip: The title of the blog post should reflect the core theme of the post and using keywords that users would search with.

Another of Google great tools is:

  • Google Keyword ToolIf you run short of keyword ideas for your blog content, check this out. This tool allows you to search for a range of keywords used by users on a particular topic. Bloggers can find out keywords popularly used by users, it gives the last month’s search numbers and also the broad indicative numbers for the previous 12 months.

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