5 things to remember when choosing a web design company

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When choosing a web design company we can sometimes be overwhelmed by the options, especially with the confusing jargon that can be thrown around by sales people simply trying to hit target.  Here is a breakdown of the most important factors in choosing a web design company.

5. Always view the web design companies previous work

One of the most important ways to gauge whether a web design company will be able to successfully complete your web design project is to view their previous work and to see what calibre this was completed too.  All web design companies will upon request be able to show you a portfolio of past jobs, that showcase their abilities.  If a company cannot show you a portfolio, this should ring alarm bells.  As web design is not a physical we can see before buying viewing past jobs allows us to get a good insight into what we are letting ourselves in for.

4. Do you make responsive Web Designs?

Nowadays we view the web through a whole array of devices such as desktops, tablets and phones.  Website design have also evolved to be able to shown in a clear manner on all of these devices, while at the same time functioning well and being able to be read well.  This is a practice known as responsive web design in which a website will change itself according to the viewing device.

3. Will I have to call you each time I need to make minor changes?

This question is related to the fact that many websites are now being built with CMS attached.  CMS is a content management system.  It basically allows the website owner to log into the website and make simple changes without the need of coding knowledge.  We strongly advise choosing a web designer that builds website upon a CMS platform as this gives you the website owner more control over your website and can also lead to the ability to have blogging facilities upon the website which a good for SEO.

2. Will I be able to actually speak to my web designer?

Communication is key when producing a good website.  Both web designer and client will have to be seeing the same vision before putting the website together.  Being able to directly speak to your web designer is a must.  Be cautious of companies that outsource their work over seas as this can mean a website that had nothing to do with what was wanted.

1. does the website come with On-page SEO

This question is important as without visitors no matter how well designed your website may be without visitors it wont perform what it was created to do.  On-page SEO allows your website to explain to search engines what and who it is targeted towards therefore allowing the search engine to place it appropriately within its ranking.

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